life as a wedding photographer

While I begin to wade through the results of the two weddings I photographed this weekend, I thought I'd share a few moments I've had as a photographer recently, doing things I never expected:

  • Giving my handkerchief to the mother of the flower girl, who had just exploded with a sneeze during formals. (Having three children, this doesn't really phase me--much to everyone's surprise.)
  • My Swiss Army knife has seen some action, usually cutting off stray string from the bride's dress.
  • Straightening men's ties--multiple times during the day. (You know they were sequestered from the women.)
  • Re-lighting the unity candle. I was just staring at it and feared bad karma (at least for the bride and groom). The candle was on the side of the altar toward the front, so I hoped that I could be somewhat inconspicuous--except that it wouldn't light, due to a short wick. After what seemed like an eternity (and knowing that all the entire congregation was watching), it ignited; however, I failed to turn my head while blowing out the stick and promptly blew out the candle. Repeat first part; turn head to extinguish; walk away quickly. (I did get at least one thumb's up and many grateful looks from the bridesmaids, though.)

I'm sure there are thousands of tales like these. I'll post more as they occur (I hope not too often). Check back soon for photos.