back to blogging

I've written this post dozens of times in my head over the past few months. My last post was just a couple weeks prior to a new arrival, in the midst of the year's busiest time for weddings (fall for me), and the beginning of a new school year. Needless to say, through the end of 2009 was one the busiest times of my life, and 2010 so far as been finishing projects from 2009 and simply recovering.

I've not been photographically idle--the opposite, in fact, to the point that I have little time to post new work. Among other things, I've spent significant time on assignments for Parable Magazine and developing some new studio projects. I hope to begin (again) sharing some highlights of recent and new work as I settle in to a more regular schedule.

To those who have been inquiring about my blog, thanks for your patience and continued support. To new readers, thanks for being here.