a party

I've never been an outgoing person.  Even as a young child, I remember observing others rather than doing whatever myself (it wasn't as pathetic as it sounds--at least I don't think).  This isn't a trait I've fought, and so it continues today.  Now, though, I have a camera in my hands, so when my friend and fellow photographer Tanya hosted a small party recently, I made a series of photographs.

Of course, a smaller camera helps, too. While I use an SLR for my professional work, carrying one around for everyday use (and especially going anywhere with my children) was becoming too difficult.  So last fall I invested in an Epson RD-1, which is a digital rangefinder (manual focus and exposure), and it hasn't left my side since.  It's quite inconspicuous, allowing me to make photographs quickly and unobtrusively.