The Pond

Last fall, I had the opportunity to work with my friend Dan Hannon on his first directing project, The Pond (which he also wrote).  It was filmed in NH, with talent and production teams coming from all over.  Seeing a movie production from the inside was a great experience.  Despite being a smaller (20 min) movie, the amount of planning and work was impressive.  I was on site for just one day, but I met and worked closely with many involved, including two of the leads, Alicia Witt and Todd Rotondi.

I won't mention any plot elements here, but my task was to create a set of photographs of the couple, including some wedding portraits and candids, vacation photos, and a random bar shot.  (The last photo includes Dan in the background.)  Alas, the scenes in which these would be used were cut--although the final scene shows one photo (not posted here).

The movie is debuting at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival and Film Market.  I received my copy last week, and it's very impressive. Congratulations to all those who worked on making this a reality, and good luck at the festival.